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Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer - TOAE Security
Shubham Mishra
Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer

Shubham Mishra is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of TOAE SECURITY PRIVATE LIMITED. He has been associated with the toae since the inception and has been taking care of strategy, sales activities along with the technology for the organisation. He has been a great driving force for the company and its members. He has been a huge motivator for critical assignments and supervises all the engagements between the clients and team. Prior to toae security, Shubham has been associated with multiple organisations in solving the network security and cyber threats on regular intervals

Shubham loves problem solving and that had always motivated him to do research and debug problems. He is an ardent book lover and loves reading/writing articles and books in his free time on cyber security. You can find Shubham in his free time, either playing football or reading books!

Chairperson - TOAE Security
Mamta Mishra

Mamta Mishra  is a veteran investor in the Indian Stock Market. She is on the board of Shoozenith International Limited, which has a market cap of INR 200 Crores. Some of her investment has appreciated more than 100 times in the last 10 years. Mamta holds more than 1% stake in 15 BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) listed companies. She is Managing Director at Shoozenith International. In 2018, Mamta invested in TOAE Security and joined Board of Directors.

Board Member - TOAE Security
Mayank Mishra
Board Member

Mayank Mishra has been working in the cyber security and information technology industry since past one decade. Mayank has served as a Vice President at burberry for 3 Years. Mayank was also on board of Rashi Enterprise, a Textile firm acquired by Shoozenith International in Jan 2015. He is currently the Managing Partner of MAK Industries.In 2018, Mayank backed TOAE Security and joined Board of Advisors.