Basic Level Steps to be Taken for Securing Your Internet of Things
by Super User in Blog

California recently set cyber-security standards for the rapidly flourishing IoT businesses. The governor signed a law directing companies from selling Internet-connected devices with pre-defined passwords.

This is for avoiding attacks on IoT and devices by hackers. The law will come into force from 2020 where users can set their own passwords for smart devices.

Hence, security at both the device and network levels is critical for safe operation of IoT. In this article, we shall discuss on to secure your IoT at the base level without the help of an expert near you.

  1. Using your default passwords and usernames

    Yes, you should always change your default username and passwords of your devices. Never use the same password for all your devices. Keeping the same password for all the devices can harm you at a higher rate and fixing can be a messy task.

    Ensure that the passwords are long and are combinations of symbols, numbers, characters, etc. Hence, protect your data with this simple tip that can really create wonders and even keep changing your passwords on a regular basis to be on safer ground.

  2. Software Updates

    The purpose of updates is to fix the issues of the previous version, improve functionalities and by not updating your software on a regular basis you are inviting the hacker to hack your device openly.

    Yes, you read that right. A small hint is enough for hackers to start the brute attack. Hence, prevention is always better than cure.

  3. Disconnect Internet

    Always disconnect the internet of your device when not in use, By disconnecting the internet when not in use, you are taking your first step of avoiding attack by hackers.

    Never use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. Try as much as possible to avoid the usage of public Wi-Fi and never enable the guest network to your home Wi-Fi no matter what. Even ensure that you disable the auto-connect option.

  4. Manuals

    Yes, take out time from precious time schedule and read the manuals of the device. Many people just read the installation of the device section and let the book gather dust.

    Manuals do not just contain how-to install but also major security tips, point out to you some vulnerabilities, how to solve issues when a particular issues pop-ups, basic survival tips, etc.

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