Why Cyber Security Consultant is Essential For Small Business
by Super User in Blog

Cyber Security is the need of the hour. According to the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Risks Report 2018, cyber attacks and cyber warfare will be the major cause of disruption in the next five years after natural disasters and extreme weather events.

One of the prevalent cyber-attacks for the year includes the WannaCry virus that affected 300,000 computers in 150 countries. In this article, we shall discuss why Cyber Security Consultant is essential for all business including small and medium businesses.

  1. Downfall

    A small leak can sink a ship said the great Benjamin Franklin. And, this exactly fits in this bill of cyber security. Even a small data breach in a business (small or medium) can destroy the whole business in eternity, without even a chance of revival.

    Hence, it is essential to tie-up with a cyber security company since the inception of the business. It makes no sense if you think or plan on having a security consultant on board when you faced your first blow. Always have them on-board to keep your risks at the least, learn new innovative methods and protect your customers’ data all the time.

  2. Size No BarThough, every business is different today but today hackers do not hack businesses based on size and income of the business. According to Prakash Panjwani, CEO of WatchGuard Technologies, hackers don’t discriminate against prospective targets based on size, instead, they make use of techniques to cast the widest net they possibly can and WannaCry is the best example for this.
  3. SWOT Analysis

    A cyber security expert is always in the research mode. With them having on board all time, you can get the SWOT analysis done and encounter a diverse range of threats even before they arrive and destroy your reputation in the market.

    In short, when you know your possible risks and threats, you can solve them beforehand from spreading like wildfire and gain credibility in the eyes of clients. Clients are more likely to trust you when you solve their problems and give them guidelines on how to protect them.

    Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal is the biggest example when the social media giant lost a huge creditability in the market owing to its leaking user data without their permission.

  4. Complexity

    The more delay a company makes in hiring a cyber security consultant, the more complex it is going to be in the future. It is essential that companies use biometrics and multi-factor authentication methods for increasing security rather than just making use of strong passwords.

    Having an expert can be definitely a costly affair but knowing that all the business and customers data is in secure hands is ultimately worth.

Hence, it is essential that all kind of businesses (micro, macro and multinational) companies have permanent cyber security.