Helping today's leading organizations protect their most important assets from evolving cyber threats.
01 Internet of Thing’s Security

Internet of Thing’s Security

Security at both the device and network levels is critical to the operation of IoT. The same intelligence that enables devices to perform their tasks must also enable them to recognize and counteract threats.

01 Security Monitoring Services

Security Monitoring Services

The application of action-based insights from real-time analysis of your network data can drastically improve the time to detect and respond potential security threat.

01 Data Theft

Data Theft

Data theft is the act of stealing computer-based information from an unknowing victim with the intent of compromising privacy or obtaining confidential information.



If you are already breached, report to us and let TOAE-Cyber Emergency Response Team take over. TOAE- CERT helps to get your services back to normal within hours.

01 Red Teaming

Red Teaming

The expert consultants will break into an organization by any means possible. Here we combine both technology and human social skills and techniques.

01 Static Code Analysis

Static Code Analysis

Review your application’s static-code by using industry standard tools and conduct a manual testing along with zero false positives.

01 Mobile Application Security Assessment

Mobile Application Security Assessment

The assessment includes mobile applications platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) covering both the server side and the native components.

01 Network Security Assessment

Network Security Assessment

Testing your network infrastructure which includes servers,routers firewalls for vulnerabilities, misconfiguration and design.

01 Web Application Security Assessment

Web Application Security Assessment

The assessment involves a combination of automated testing, business logic testing with zero false positives and the right remediation guidance.