BTS declares that they will join the South Korean military

The band label and management firm for the massively successful K-pop group BTS, Big Hit, said on Monday that all seven of the group's members will be serving in the South Korean military 

The band has achieved worldwide fame, smashed records, and sent K-pop into the global stratosphere," says part of Big Hit's statement"

According to Big Hit, BTS intends to reform "around 2025," once all seven members have completed their terms of duty. Since the formation of BTS more than 10 years ago 

The eldest member of BTS, Jin aims to enter military service at the end of this month 

South Korea's parliament enacted a bill in 2020 allowing pop artists to avoid military service until they are 30 

Jin will start the procedure after his solo release at the end of October. "He will next pursue the Korean government's enrollment procedure," the label added 

Jin turning 30 and the band declaring a vacation in June to pursue isolated projects, members are planning to serve 

The record company stated it was considering the band's military duty "to respect the demands of the country and these healthy young guys" and that the time was "now 

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