The Creed 3 teaser has finally arrived   "Michael B. Jordan looks in shape as  Adonis"

Adonis, played by Michael B. Jordan, has a soft corner in his heart for former friends who were sentenced to prison in the past 

Michael B. Jordan plays "Adonis" and Jonathan Majors is "Damian Anderson"

Adonis "Donnie" Creed, played by Jordan, tries to save a childhood friend but ends up getting involved in a brawl

When Damian  and Jonathan eventually enter the ring, it becomes clear that these former buddies might not even be friends 

As brothers, Damian is the best boxer, he says "I never proved it. I'll take everything." 

Fans of Rocky and Creed will return to the theater to experience this ancient tale 

"Creed 3" will hit theaters on  March 3, 2023 

Jordan himself adds that Major's character is a pivotal person and pillar in Adonis' life, and this connection is explored inside and outside the ring in this film.