In early 2021, Facebook started working on the Meta Project

Meta has spent over $15 billion on this project.

By the end of this year, Meta lowered the aim of monthly active users from 500k - 280k 

Meta is yet Battling for its metaverse application horizon world to track down its intentional crowd. 

Illenberger said, "Mark Zuckerberg accepted as a hero, as a visionary he's leading the industry like no other"

But on the other side, their bad reputation also puts the blame,to some extent, on the metaverse as a  technology 

Milanesi said AFP, "I'm imagining it's because they sorted out the fact that it is so difficult to make this stuff in terms of really making that world"

Meta spent $10 billion on this project in 2021 

Meta attempting to accelerate metaverse, however accomplishment are not even close to certain

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