Meta to allow NFTs trading on Instagram 

Meta in a recent tweet announced “Soon you’ll be able to make and sell NFTs on Instagram, starting with 0xPolygon” 

With plans to expand to more countries soon, Meta is testing new features with a "small group of creators in the US." 

Additionally, Meta expanded the list of digital collections that users  can showcase on Instagram, and added support for the Solana blockchain  and Phantom Wallet 

The tech giant has also expanded Instagram subscription access to all eligible creators in the United States 

Information about selected  collections whose metadata has been enriched by OpenSea, their  collection names and descriptions will be available on Instagram 

Features include connecting digital wallets, sharing digital collectables, and automatic tagging of creators and collectors 

There is no charge to post or share your digital collection on Instagram 

Meta attempting to accelerate metaverse, however accomplishment are not even close to certain

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