Monthly $841 check  to be sent: Supplemental  Security Income 

People who are waiting for SSI payment since September should be happy now as they will get it in next 3 days 

Due to Oct 1 was falling a weekend recipient have not received a check in October but they got 2 checks in September 

SSI payments are issued on 1st of each month but if it falls on holiday  or weekend payments are issued on last weekday before the 1st of next  month 

Same was happened in January, May, and October payments this year. When  payment was issued in last weekday due 1st was a holiday or weekend.Why  this delay? 

People who are waiting for their $841 will get it in next three days.How many day to get my pay check? 

As we discussed in my last story Social Security payments are going to  increased by 8.7% and rise to $914 a month for individuals and $1,371  for eligible couples. 

SSI’s  eligibility criteria “have become extraordinarily restrictive, punitive,  counterproductive and even outright inhumane,” Vallas said 

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