NASA's Lucy Mission - It will be the first space mission to study the Trojans Asteroid

In Oct 2021, Lucy will launch and boosts from Earth's gravity  

Lucy’s complicate route will take it to both clusters of Trojans and present us our first close-up view of all three major types of bodies in the swarms (so-called C-, P- and D-types). 

The dark-red P- and D-type Trojans recall those constitute the Kuiper Belt of icy bodies that extend beyond the orbit of Neptune. 

The outer parts of the Main Belt of asteroids, between Mars and Jupiter, are mostly found in C-types 

The speed of these tiny rocks is up to 59 miles per second, At this uttermost speed, even dust can cause damage to a spacecraft. 

Gunpowder as a propellant is used in the first stage 

Highly compressed hydrogen gas is used in the second stage which pushes as into a smaller tube, increasing pressure in the gun, like a car piston. 

Three days are spent by engineers preparing for an experiment that just lasted for one second 

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