Packers Star Thinks Aaron Rodgers Should Be Benched "Sooner Than Later" 

Lot of confusion around the Green Bay Packers throughout the last month 

After winning three of their first four games, they started to spiral and have now lost five in a row 

Currently they are at 3-6 overall and look unlikely to make the playoffs

This led former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings to say that  Aaron Rodgers could be benched if things get even worse for the team

"Of course," Jennings said. "Sooner rather than later. Look at their schedule. 

In the next three games ,they got the Cowboys, the Titans, and then they got the Eagles 

I believe that if they lose two of these three games, which they likely could lose all three, it's done 

Though Jennings has a point, it's still unlikely that Rodgers will be benched