$1 million Powerball winner rises to $800 million 

 $1 million Powerball winner in a whistle as the jackpot rises to $800 million

There are additionally three $50,000 champs in Connecticut 

Nobody won the colossal Powerball jackpot on Wednesday night 

One ticket sold in Connecticut won $1 million and three tickets sold here won $50,000 

The assessed jackpot for Saturday night is currently $800 million 

Wednesday late evening's triumphant numbers were 19, 36, 37, 46, and 56 and the Red Powerball was 24 

The $1 million CT champ matched five numbers, yet not the Powerball. It isn't yet clear where the tickets were sold 

The $50,000 champs match the four numbers and the Powerball 

In October alone, Connecticut has had seven $50,000 Powerball champs 

As per Powerball, Saturday night's Powerball jackpot will be the second biggest jackpot of all time